Chef Jordy Navarra X TEST KITCHEN

23rd October (Friday)

Sold Out

24th October (Saturday)

Sold Out

Jordy Navarra X TEST KITCHEN

Ticket Price: $1,480 (with drink and wine pairings)

Date & Time: 23rd (Friday) & 24th (Saturday) October, 7:00pm

Meet Up Location: Central (exact spot TBC)

Venue: Secret Location 

Once ticket is purchased, we’ll email you your confirmation and details of the dinner.

Chef Jordy first worked at the legendary three-Michelin starred restaurant The Fat Duck.  After working at Heston Blumenthal’s The Fat Duck, he then spent two years working under Alvin Leung at Bo Innovation. Few chefs can match his extraordinary experience in two restaurants both with 3 Michelin stars.

On 23rd & 24th October, we have the honor to welcome him and his team to Hong Kong as they serve up their remarkable Filipino tasting menu. Trust us when we say that this will change absolutely everything you know about Filipino cuisine and produce.

The venue is well-hidden, charming and historic, tucked away in one of the most prestigious areas in the city.  Expect great food, great company, and maybe even some live music. We recently visited Chef Jordy and his team in The Philippines, traveling around the countryside to organic farms, salt farms and going out with local fishermen. The culture, people and produce are simply beautiful and hospitality was at every turn.

We look forward to extending this hospitality to you. This is a truly special event and an opportunity you will not want to miss!

*Please let us know if you have any dietary restrictions, Chef Jordy and the team will do our best to work around the dishes for you.

Chef Jordy Portrait 2


Jordy worked at the legendary three-Michelin starred restaurant The Fat Duck, under Heston Blumenthal.   His refined techniques, attention to detail and understanding of what it takes to be at the top level are just a few of the many skills he acquired there.  He then worked at Bo Innovation in Hong Kong where his horizons were broadened with Asian flavors presented in unusual and forward-thinking styles.

Filipino by birth, Chef Jordy has the desire and drive to take his country’s food to the next level.   He opened his first restaurant Black Sheep in Manila, subsequently named one of the ‘15 best restaurants of 2015’ by CNN. He served refined Filipino food where his techniques, creativity and inspiration all stemmed from his experience and culture.

His vision for his next restaurant is Philippine cuisine via a culinary journey taking him back to the very basics – where produce is grown organically, without cutting corners.  He and his team continue to venture around the country to discover and support the country’s organic farmers.   They work on soil where the only fertilizers are natural compost, they have discovered beef from cows that run free in the north of Luzon and have even found salt harvested from a farm in Batangas where the extraction process is done only by drying in the sun.

Jordy is a highly-talented chef, forward thinking, passionate with his country’s cuisine and produce, hospitable, soft-spoken and humble.  The culture of his restaurant is built upon the contribution from each and every team member. His food doesn’t just carry his name, it’s much more than that – it starts with the farmers who harvested the produce, the warm culture and hospitality of his country and the ideas and vision that came together from his team as a whole.   He is a chef whom we can look up to and a culinary superstar in the making.

TEST KITCHEN’s journey with Chef Jordy in Philippines