Ticket Price: $880 (with wine pairings)

Date & Time: 15th & 16th September, 7:30pm

Venue: Secret Location in central district

Once ticket is purchased, we’ll email you your confirmation and details of the dinner.

Please join us to taste a meal with Chris, the man behind the creation of a menu that’s dear to him and takes you through the regional ingredients in a way you never had before.  The ingredients he chooses are all regional, found in farms or even grown in the wild.  At first glance, the plating would look natural and unpretentious, but techniques are refined, the combinations are clever and unique, and the flavors are more than what one might expect on paper and at the same time familiar.  Ingredients used are regional, not often used in most western restaurants in town, because Chris wants to hero and redefine them in his dishes, so they can best represent the time and place of our region. His food is very much influenced by his experience gained locally and across the world.  His passion is undeniable, and his vision is clear.

For 2 consecutive nights only, we are hosting this intimate popup dinner in a rather hidden art gallery in Central district, a gem really- tastefully displaying art works from both local and foreign artists where inspiration and passion flows both in the air and on the plate.  Prepare yourselves to challenge your taste buds and to hear his stories.


Chris’s food is almost impossible to describe. Conceptually it is an experience that takes you on a journey through Hong Kong’s farms. In practice it’s a brilliant, surprising roller coaster ride of flavors, textures and nuance.

Intellectual, passionate and even revolutionary are the first words that came to us when we were asked to describe Chris.   He is a thinker and digs deep into understanding everything.  Soft-spoken and humble, his relaxed demeanor hides his other side: a focused and hugely thoughtful perfectionist.   His food is local and regional, his techniques are refined and his ethos influenced by his experience.

Ingredients are the freshest local produce we’ve seen, many of them under-appreciated by other restaurants and chefs in town.   He uses them precisely to redefine their time and place of origin – our region.  The combinations he puts together are both unique and original, yet what’s brilliant is that when they are tasted together, the flavors are all somehow so familiar.

His first three years in professional cooking came in Auckland before he moved to Hong Kong and worked in the renowned one Michelin star restaurant Cépage in 2009. Thereafter he spent almost two years at the legendary two Michelin star restaurant Amber.   He then wanted to explore the world, learn different cultures and hone his skills, so moved to Australia and did a stage at Quay in Sydney. From there, he spent 18 months at the (then) 3 Hat restaurant Royal Mail Hotel under Chef Dan Hunter, where he learned the true spirit of farm-to-table and its culture.   He also worked at Frantzen in Stockholm before returning back to Hong Kong as part of the opening team for Nur where he spent the past year and a half.

After these past few years spent learning from extraordinary chefs and restaurants, while also researching and testing his own idea, he’s now ready to present his own food.  Join us – we couldn’t be happier to showcase his unique talents.

Chris’s Journey