Sarawut Phawakkarakun X TEST KITCHEN

Chef Sarawut Phawakkarakun

Ticket Price: $980 person (with free-flow wine pairing)

Date: 1st August, 2015

Venue: Secret Location

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Guests attending this Test Kitchen event will be treated to a unique food journey that is years in the making.  Over the past two years Chef Sarawut Phawakkarakun has been researching traditional Thai family style cooking and has created a menu that is uniquely designed to pair each course with the next.  The menu has been developed from historical recipes dated over 100 years ago, prepared with a blend of traditional techniques and modern cooking methods.

Striking a fine balance with flavors of acidity, sour, sweet, spiciness and bitterness, each dish compliment one and other effortlessly.  His style of food is very much influenced by his brought up where his family would sit down together in one table and enjoy all the dishes together.   We can’t wait to share his food with you.

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Chef Sarawut Phawakkarakun
Hometown: Ayutthaya, Thailand
Education: Culinary Institute of America, New York
Worked at: Nahm Bangkok & London
Favorite Food: Grandma’s BBQ pork and morning glory wrapped in thick rice noodles

Chef Sarawut Phawakkarakun, as the name implies, hails from Thailand but he is classically trained and educated in the United States having first completed a Masters degree in “Food science and nutrition” and then to go on to attend the prestigious Culinary Institute of America in New York.  Chef Sarawut’s cooking is very much inspired by traditional Thai cooking.  His love for preparing and eating traditional Thai came from his childhood memories of cooking up great Thai feasts with his Aunt in the family kitchen.

Upon completing his formal training Chef Sarawut joined Nahm London where as an intern he got his first taste of contemporary Thai food served up in a modern upscale restaurant environment.  From London he returned to Thailand and joined Michelin starred Nahm Bangkok apprenticing under Chef David Thompson.

Today, continuing to pursue his career in cooking and hospitality, he is preparing to open his first restaurant in Thailand.


TEST KITCHEN’S journey through Thailand with Chef Sarawut