La Bijouterie

Dates: 10-14 January 2018

Location: 158A Connaught Road West, Shop 3, Sai Ying Pun

Tickets: $980 (8 course tasting menu)

             $300 (wine pairing)

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Test Kitchen starts 2018 with an incredible trio of chefs from Lyon’s La Bijouterie restaurant who between them have some of the most impressive culinary resumes to grace our Sai Ying Pun home.

 Photo by @nicolasvillion

Although still young, Chef & Manager Arnaud Laverdin, Chef Thomas Pezeril and Chef Pâtissier Remy Havetz have worked for years in legendary kitchens including the three Michelin-starred Alain Ducasse at The Dorchester, Anne-Sophie Pic’s three-starred restaurant in Valence and at the two-starred Helene Darroze at The Connaught.

Photo by @nicolasvillion

Chef Arnaud Laverdin explains, “At La Bijouterie we wake up each morning more adventurous and inspired than the day before, we work every day with a lot of love, daring and commitment and we can’t wait to take this approach to the incredible city of Hong Kong. Our cuisine is above all the legacy of our experiences of travel, meeting an insatiable thirst for discovery and sharing.  Authentic and inspired, it respects the seasons, the products and the producers who trust us and reinvent themselves permanently.”

Photo by @nicolasvillion

The team uses countless different techniques from fermentation to slow cooking, BBQ, pickling, maceration and many more, trying all their dishes at least five times before putting them on the menu to make sure they are absolutely perfect.


Sea Snail / Beetroot / Xipister / Parsley

Market white fish / Salsify/ Hojicha Tea/ Juniper Berry / Pears jus & Pine Honey

Turnips / Smoke Cod roe butter / Kimchi/Kasha /Radish /Daikon Cress

Lettuce / Yuca / Smoked egg yolk / Comté cheese / Lardo / Fermented lettuce

Duck Heart / Chutney Yuzu / Yoghurt

Pigeon / Smoked Eel / Carrot and tahini Purée / Calamansi

Butternut / Chestnut / Poppy

Chocolat / Sesame / Miso

 Photo by @nicolasvillion

After a brilliant 2017, we are blessed to launch 2018 with the guys from La Bijouterie, one of France’s most exciting restaurants. We are eager to impress our guests both regulars and new diners alike to some seriously impressive food from La Bijouterie with their flawless technique, global innovations and influences, but most of all impeccable balance of flavours and textures. And most importantly their heart and soul in every single dish.  For example, their dessert is a beautiful, delicious creation of tempered chocolate shards, chocolate meringue, a caramel soya sauce, sesame crumble, miso powder and grapefruit snow. We can’t wait to see the reactions on the faces of Test Kitchen’s diners

Photo by @nicolasvillion


 About the chefs:
There are few more seriously talented or heavy-hitting culinary teams anywhere for TK to start 2018 than the guys from La Bijouterie restaurant.  We have Arnaud Laverdin, the Head Chef and Founder of the restaurant, Thomas Pezeril, sous chef of the restaurant, and Remy Havetz who’s the Head Pastry Chef.

31-year old chef Remy Havetz started his career back in 2009 in the then one Michelin star restaurant du golf de Bondues, and thereafter worked at Gauthier Soho (*), restaurant Alain Ducasse at The Dorchester (***), Pollen Street Social (*) and Umu Restaurant (**).  He spent the majority of his career in London, working as a pastry chef, learning from the very best. He is certainly bringing his vast experience and A-Game to Hong Kong at our pop-up.

Photo by @nicolasvillion

Chef Thomas Pezeril, still only 26, started his restaurant career at the age of just 15 and has worked 11 years at Les Etangs De Guibert : Xavier Frenot, Gauthier Soho(*) in London, La Maison Pic : Anne Sophie Pic (***) in Valence, France, and Helene Darroze at the Connaught (**) in London.

Photo by @nicolasvillion

Last, but not least, is chef Arnaus Laverdin, the Founder and Head Chef of La Bijouterie. With 15 years’ experience, he and his team have brought their Lyon restaurant to critical and public acclaim in just a few months.  Awarded the prestigious ‘Fooding D’amour’ by le Fooding guide a year after opening, and later the Omnivore Guide ‘Chef Rebel’ in 2017, he is profoundly creative, innovative and driven.

Photo by @nicolasvillion

We couldn’t be more excited that he and his team are visiting us at Test Kitchen. These three chefs are the heart and soul of la Bijouterie and they are bringing all their experience – and passion – to Test Kitchen Hong Kong.

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La Bijouterie (Lyon)

Chef Giorgio Longo (from Sicily to Hong Kong)

Chef Giorgio Longo (Sicily)

Sicily is a destination loved by diners the world over for its impeccable produce, rustic recipes and full-on flavours, all of which will be in abundance at the next Test Kitchen pop-up featuring a hugely-talented young European chef, Giorgio Longo.

His pop-up combines relaxed family-style plates and individual servings of classic Sicilian dishes such as pane cunzato, panelle and arancini before swordfish, innovative pastas and traditional desserts add to the epicurean journey.  Drinks will be exciting as well, from Taragon Profumed Gin and Italian Chinotto Lemonade to start, to Italian Wines and finishing with a cocktail inspired by coffee martinis, we simply want to bring the best of what Giorgio and his Sicilian vibes over to TK!

As Giorgio explains, he couldn’t be more excited at the Test Kitchen pop-up: 

“Hong Kong is such an iconic destination and I’m really excited to bring true Sicilian dishes, flavours and culture to the city’s diners. My dishes are in between classic restaurant and family style, so some are shared, some are individual. The tradition and techniques used are wholly from my home of Sicily, but there will be some surprises along the way too! You’re going to love it.”

Vincent Mui, founder and owner of Test Kitchen, couldn’t be happier having Sicilian cuisine on the menu: “After so many successful pop-ups, it’s surprising that we’ve never hosted Italian chefs at Test Kitchen and it doesn’t get more gutsy or delicious than Sicilian cuisine.  This will make for a brilliant dining experience for our guests in Hong Kong as classic family recipes sit alongside more contemporary takes. From the traditional street snacks onwards, this is a menu which jumps off the page and asks to be eaten!”

About our chef:

Chef Giovanni Giorgio Longo has more than 15 years’ experience cooking in some of the world’s finest kitchens, from the legendary three-starred Michel Bras in southwest France, Alain Ducasse’s Bastide de Moustiers and a stage at NOMA in Copenhagen. When you then add locations like London’s renowned Gauthier restaurant, Quintessence and also a position as Chef de Partie at the award-winning Relais & Chateaux Lodge at Kauri Cliffs Hotel in New Zealand, it’s clear that he represents one of the most experienced and sought-after chefs.

Chef Giorgio will be joined in the pop-up by Delphine Worms, an experienced restaurant front-of-house and his partner in the forthcoming restaurant launch of their first solo restaurant, ArriKiiati in Belgium in 2018

ArriKiiati comes from the Sicilian dialect and is used to speak about food, essentially meaning: Take Pleasure Eating!! A restaurant that is very personal to them, utilizing fresh local ingredients combined with food that resonates from Giorgio’s childhood, it is set to be homey, comfortable but refined and attributing to their skills and experience.


As we are planning out our drinks pairings, here’s a sneak peak of our prototype menu:

Traditional street food Snacks:
Arancini  – rice stuffed with ragú and deep fried
Panelle  – chickpea flour cooked like polenta, seasoned with lemon and herbs
‘Explosive olives’  – a surprise!

Mama’s egg: – a traditional, secret family recipe served with pane cunzato: homemade traditional Sicilian bread filled with tomato, olives, parmesan, Sicilian cheese and anchovies

:  – a dish inspired by a traditional Sicilian salad using cold kohlrabi, olive oil and anchovies

Pizza topped with Burrata stracciatella cheese, sea urchin and water cress

Local Catch:
charcoal-grilled fish with salmoriglio sauce, olive oil, lemon juice, water and dry oregano

From Catania to Hong Kong:  Steamed gyoza stuffed with traditional pasta sauce from Catania made with eggplant, tomato and ricotta

Sicilia: – almond milk ice cream, coffee and chocolate crumble, confit orange

Mignardise: a unique three-layered chocolate representing all the flavours of Sicily

Chef Giorgio Longo