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WELCOME!  To London’s hottest dining pop-up, as The Dead Rabbits lands at Test Kitchen for four nights only pop-up series

The Dead Rabbits is a collective of chefs who have taken the London dining scene by storm with their series of pop-up dinners that quickly become the city’s must-have ticket. They are now coming to Hong Kong’s Test Kitchen for a four-night residency, inviting diners across the city to experience their cuisine which defies boundaries but remains rooted in focus on ingredients of the very highest quality.

The latest venue for chefs Graham Long and Greg Clarke, who have worked across the UK’s finest restaurants including Restaurant Gordon Ramsay, Le Gavroche, Pied à Terre and The Ledbury, and successfully did a pop-up dinner series at London’s prestigious Royal Academy of Arts recently.

As they are now preparing for a visit to Hong Kong and a nine-course dinner, they explain that their mission will remain the same, namely to offer ‘Amazing cooking and friendly service in a relaxed environment.’  Their goal, to provide a platform for young chefs to step outside their usual zones to cook their own dishes for an audience, resonates strongly with Test Kitchen’s own.

The Dead Rabbits, named after a legendary 19th century New York gang, will present dishes including a cheeky take on Korean Fried Chicken, namely tapioca-fried rabbit with a carrot kimchi. There’s also ‘langoustine, vanilla and miso’ where, as Graham Long explains, We use all the langoustine and will make a white miso butter, skewered with dry vanilla pod, then we’ll do a tartlet made using the powder of the shell, even a mayonnaise using the brain.”

Long, who spent two years living in Hong Kong when working at St Betty in IFC, then explains that: “We can’t wait to hit the organic farm with Vincent in Hong Kong, where we’ll be seeing first hand the freshest available vegetables that our salad ‘+852’ will utilize and celebrate. 


      – About the chefs – 

Chef Edward Dutton, Co-Founder:

Having spent number of years working under Chris Staines at Foliage in the mandarin oriental Hyde park. After that a further stint with Shane Osborn at pied a terre where he met Graham.  He also spent some time with Tom Aikens and Matt Gillan before doing the pieds nus pop-up. He is about to open a new restaurant in 3 weeks called Noizé.  It’ll concentrate on amazing produce and outstanding cooking with emphasis back on the customer to dictate how they eat.

Chef Graham ‘Sarge’ Long, Co-Founder:

Having first trained under Gordon Ramsay as commis and chef de partie at Gordon Ramsay at Claridges, Graham Long has since spent fifteen years working in some of the country’s top restaurants including a stint as Sous Chef to Shane Osborn (from Hong Kong’s Arcane) at London’s legendary two-starred Pied à Terre. He was also Head Chef of  L`autre Pied and The Chancery and most recently worked as opening consultant of Phillip Howard’s Elystan Street. His name will be familiar to Hong Kong diners as he spent two years in the city working at the all-day dining concept St Betty at IFC, again under Osborn.

Greg Clarke, Co-Founder

The co-founder of Dead Rabbits, for ten years Greg Clarke trained in Michelin-starred kitchens around Great Britain. He has worked across some of the UK’s most respected and Michelin-awarded restaurants, as well as a private chef to Lord Rothermere and The Beckham Family. Gleneagles Hotel, Martin Wishart, Restaurant Tom Aikens, Le Gavroche, The Ledbury, Typing Room – the list reads like a hall of fame of British dining establishments. Currently he is development chef at one of the country’s most prestigious restaurants but ultimately aspires to open his own, where he can develop his unique, creative and innovative cuisine.

It’s so exciting to welcome Dead Rabbits to Hong Kong. In many ways, these hugely-talented and experienced chefs share our same passion for delivering unique dining experiences, unavailable anywhere else. Their menu couldn’t be more exciting, celebrating innovation, technique but most importantly ingredients. It’s always fascinating seeing how chefs hero Hong Kong’s best produce and we are looking forward to taking them to the city’s biggest organic farm to source for our pop-up.

This is going to fun week ahead of us and we just can’t wait to cook for you!”  – Vincent, TEST KITCHEN


Chef Luis Pop-up Dinner Series


 Chef Luis Aguilar                                                

At its source, real Mexican cuisine is one of the world’s most vibrant, exciting and delicious dining experiences. For the first time, the true tastes, culture and ingredients from the Yucatan Peninsula are hitting Hong Kong as Chef Luis Aguilar brings his award-winning Mexican dishes all the way from the hipster haven of Tulum on the Caribbean coast.

Test Kitchen’s next pop-up combines relaxed family-style dinners, exactly as happens in Mexico, along with a weekend taqueria-style lunch.

Aguilar worked as a chef around the world, from New York to Spain, the Bahamas to New Zealand, before returning home and setting up Safari, his relaxed, funky upscale taqueria nestled in the jungle on Tulum’s beach road, where most of the cooking takes place in a genuine 1971 Airstream ‘Safari’ trailer which gives the restaurant its name – Safari.

As he explains, he couldn’t be more excited at the Test Kitchen pop-up:

“Mexico has never figured more prominently on the global food map and NOMA has just wrapped its residency a few hundred yards down the road from Safari, my restaurant in Tulum. I’m so happy to be bringing the flavors and culture from home here to the magnificent city of Hong Kong. You’re going to love it.”

This isn’t degustation-style dining like many Test Kitchen pop-ups, but more ‘campfire food’ as Luis describes it. The tortillas are handmade fresh, daily, with Mexican produce, while the chiles are really important, the base for most of what is serve. But don’t expect the food to be ‘hot’ – it’s balanced, fresh and most of all delicious. Given the cuisine, the evening pop-up will feature drinks including Margaritas, Mescals and Craft Beers from Mexico, rather than wine pairings.

Dinner Tasting Menu


Callo de hacha – sea scallop ceviche, avocado, cilantro sprouts, tostadas

Esquites – Corn, cheese, guajillo mayo

Para Compartir

Prawns on mole verde

Duck taco dorado, papaya chutney, salsa de chile

Soft shell crab on dry chile bean dip

Tacos (all hand-made tortillas)

Lengua – Steamed beef tongue, onion, cilantro, salsa roja, hand-made tortilla

Pescado – ala plancha fish fillet, passion fruit mayo, pickled cabbage, beetroot tortilla

Lechon – Roasted suckling pig, salsa verde, radish/cucumber pico, chicharron, corn tortilla

Sope de Mole – wild mushrooms in mole, thick tortilla 

En la mesa

Pickled vegetables – Escabeche

Salsa Madre chile habanero & chile arbor

Roasted tomatoes, cilantro salsa

Rice & beans 


Tamal de chocolate/cacao

Margaritas, Mescals, Mexican Craft beers and more


5 course Taqueria Style Weekend Lunch Menu

(only on Saturday & Sunday)

Esquites – Corn in a cup, cheese, guajillo mayo.


Prawns on mole verde


Barbacoa – Lamb cooked on banana leafs, pickled red onion, cilantro, salsa roja, corn tortilla.

Lechon – Roasted suckling pig, salsa verde, radish/cucumber pico, chicharron, corn tortilla

Pescado – ala plancha fish fillet, passion fruit mayo, pickled cabbage, beetroot tortilla.

Duck taco dorado, papaya chutney, salsa de chile

(Choice of 2 tacos)


Roasted tomatoes, cilantro salsa


Tamal de chocolate/cacao

Mexican Craft beer

Vincent Mui, founder and owner of Test Kitchen, is hugely excited at Luis’ impending visit: “As with many people, for me Mexican cuisine is an absolute favourite and takes me back to taco trucks late night in NYC, but too often it’s an embarrassing approximation of what is really eaten at the source. Luis is going to change all that here in our home of Hong Kong with his pop-up. The ingredients, recipes and execution will be the real deal!  For the first time we are also opening for two relaxed taqueria-style lunches, as well as our traditional tasting menus in the evening to showcase what Luis and his team at Safari have up their sleeves!  All in all, it will make for a brilliant Mexican dining week for our guests in Hong Kong.”

About the chef:

Luis Aguilar

Luis Aguilar was born in Durango in Northwest Mexico between the Pacific Ocean and the Sierra Occidental.

After high school, he moved to Vancouver for an English degree where he got his first kitchen job as a dishwasher. He immediately got hooked into the kitchen rush, observing the cooks, smelling the garlic frying with olive oil, how that “organized chaos” had a place.


He then enrolled in culinary school in Austin, Texas, at the renowned Le Cordon Bleu program. He was first hired at The Hilton in downtown Austin but his curiosity soon took him to Europe, namely Valencia in Spain.

Thereafter it was to The Bahamas and Miami before a move to Playa del Carmen and 3 years at Ula Gula Restaurant, where Chef Fran del Piero was his mentor.

Then it was a year’s working holiday in New Zealand, learning about wine, before he ended up in Australia at Sydney’s Rojo Rocket Mexican Cuisine.

He joined Tacombi group in New York in 2012, playing a very important roll in the culinary program and growing the group from one to four locations.

One cold winter, he took a quick trip back home from NY to the palm beaches, turquoise water and jungle of Tulum – somewhere he realised would become his home again.

In 2015 he started Safari after finding a vintage 1971 Airstream which became “the kitchen” of his own restaurant.

An Evening with chef Luis from Safari, Tulum

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